No Excuses: Words of the Prophets Take on the Rush Songbook

Robert Knott’s article entitled “No Excuses: Words of the Prophets Take on the Rush Songbook” discuss the band’s approach to tackling the difficult catalogue of Rush.  The band marries old school gear like Moag analogue synthesizers and taurus pedals with the latest technology like midi-trigger devices for effects and an E-kit for drums to custom craft percussion sounds such as tubular bells, glockenspiel, vibra slap and much more.

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About Us

Mitch and Chris performed 2112: Overture/ Temples of Syrinx together at a multi-band event back in the winter of 2019.  During COVID, Jonathan took a massive deep dive on Geddy Lee’s bass learning many vintage and classic Rush compositions.  Chris, like Mitch, grew up on Rush and was a huge fan.  Chris began learning the Alex Lifeson parts to accompany Jonathan. 

Chris reached out to Mitch with the idea that the three form a band focusing on the classic era of Rush (first album through “Signals”).  Rehearsals began in the winter of 2021. The band began auditioning vocalists in the spring of 2021 and Bob, who recently relocated to Baltimore from Cincinnati, was the unanimous choice and is carrying the band to new heights with his voice.

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