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how we formed

Our History

Mitch and Chris performed 2112: Overture/ Temples of Syrinx together at a multi-band event back in the winter of 2019.  During COVID, Jonathan took a massive deep dive on Geddy Lee’s bass learning many vintage and classic Rush compositions.  Chris, like Mitch, grew up on Rush and was a huge fan.  Chris began learning the Alex Lifeson parts to accompany Jonathan. 

Chris reached out to Mitch with the idea that the three form a band focusing on the classic era of Rush (first album through “Signals”).  Rehearsals began in the winter of 2021. The band began auditioning vocalists in the spring of 2021 and Bob, who recently relocated to Baltimore from Cincinnati, was the unanimous choice and is carrying the band to new heights with his voice.

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Mitch Ford

Drums & Percussion

Mitch plays a Roland V-Kit V-Pro Series TD-20 kit and the Mallikat 8.5 Pro.

Chris Scholtes

Electric & Acoustic Guitars (6 String, 12 String, Nylon), Taurus Pedals

Chris plays a Fender Strat body style guitar with Seymour Duncan Hot Rail and Fender Noiseless pickups, PRS Tremonti SE guitar, Epiphone Alex Lifson Les Paul Axxcess Standard guitar, Godin Grand Concert Duet Ambiance Nylon String Acoustic-Electric classical guitar, Martin SC 13E acoustic guitar, Taylor 352ce V-Class Grand Concert 12-String Acoustic-Electric guitar, Morninstar MC3 midi trigger, and Crumar Mojopedals 13-note midi pedalboard. Chris processes stereo sound with a Roland Boss GT-100 multi-effects pedalboard through Marshal MG100FX heads and two Mesa Engineering 4×10” cabinets.

Bob Hester


Bob uses a TC Helicon Voiceworks Processing FX, Roland SP-404A sampler, Tech21 midi trigger.

Jonathan Scholtes

Bass Guitar, Keyboards & Synthesizers, Taurus

Jonathan plays a Rickenbacker 4003 Bass, Fender Jazz Bass customized with a Leo Quann Badass Bass Bridge, Boss GT-1B Bass Multi-Effects Processor, Tech 21 YYZ Geddy Lee Signature SansAmp Pedal, Darkglass Harmonic Booster, Morningstar MC6 midi trigger, Roland Juno DS-61 keyboard, Korg Minilogue XD Analogue Synthesizer, Moog Sub-37 Analogue Synthesizer, Crumar Mojopedals 13-note midi pedalboard, Acoustic B410C Classic bass speaker cabinet.